• DR.Iftekhar Jadalla

Distinguished Customer Service

Companies and organizations that suffer from a decline in business rarely look at the way in which services are provided to their customers and clients. These companies often express discontent and surprise at the poor results they receive despite the efforts exerted in making offers and reducing prices to bring as many customers as possible. But the truth is that offers, promotions and good salesmen may succeed in bringing many customers for one time. However, it is the distinguished customer service that makes their experience satisfactory, encourage them to repeat the business, and motivate others to try it. In short, the way you provide your service is what makes your current customer not only an advocate for your business but also one who readily promotes your service. Customer service is the lifeblood of any private or government sector and it is the biggest promotion channel for any business. The excellence in customer service has been a source of competition for companies, institutions and countries. One very well-known study gathered data from 25000 enterprises in 140 countries and used Zendesk benchmark to classify countries based on the level of their customer service. The results were as follows:

1. Belgium, 97.8%

2. Norway, 96.6%

3. New Zealand, 96.3%

4. United Kingdom, 96.2%

5. Canada, 95.8%

6. United States, 95.6%

7. Australia, 95.5%

8. Italy, 95.2%

9. South Africa, 95.2%

10. Finland, 95%

11. Ireland, 94.7%

12. Netherlands, 94.6%

13. Sweden, 94.3%

14. United Arab Emirates, 94.1%

15. Russia, 93.6%

16. France, 93.6%

17. Mexico, 92.6%

18. Switzerland, 92.5%

19. Denmark, 92.2%

20. Germany, 92.2%

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