Sisoft Healthcare Information Systems, focusing its eye on the world, is an achiement of quarter century of an effort in healthcare IT domain with advanced technology infrastructure and qualified staff. Sisoft, is the leading company in Turkey, on Hospital Information Systems and Hospital Information Management Systems.

Society of scientific applications for management consultancy

KYTL Security

KYTL Security Services provides Secuirty Operation Center (SOC) which can form the heart of effective detection. It can enable information security functions to respond faster, work more collaboratively and share knowledge more effectively.

Cambridge Training college Britain


Electronic Gateway Between Payers and Healthcare Providers Streamlining The Healthcare Business Transactions.Waseel was established back in May, 2003 with the vision of enabling healthcare and insurance entities for e-business and e-commerce without the risks associated with adopting the latest in technology.

Magnacarta college

International college in london

International College in London is a worldwide Monitoring and approval Ltd. (to approve the performance of training and academic examination) On British-based training mechanism for all our accredited professionals education partners in Middle East. They collaborate with universities and colleges in UK to provide the best technological and logistical solutions to provide full support for coaches and students.


Training Academy, which specializes in training, human development, and modern administrative development, in addition to developing the individual's mental abilities, developing great skills and great experiences.


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